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The Lowchen is a very old breed indeed, as breeds go. It is part of the Bichon group, which comprises the Bichon Frise, Maltese, Bolognese, Coton de Tuilear, Havanese and – some would say – the Poodle, although others would identify the Poodle as being the founder of many of the Bichon type breeds (if not all of them). It is always difficult to identify a truly pure breed before stud books and other records of registration and breeding start being kept meticulously. It is inevitably the case that many toy dogs of similar appearance were merrily crossed, according to whim and fancy, up until the 20th century. And maybe later than that. There is, after all, nothing new under the sun – the current outrage about “designer dogs” and deliberate crosses between established breeds is scarcely a modern phenomenon.
Dogs are favourite companions year round and so many of us just love to involve dogs in our Christmas celebrations. I remember articles over the years from some happy, mad, and delighted collectors that featured dogs in Christmas themes, and this year, I have decided to combine a few of my paintings and make miniature wrap which will go on to be used for Christmas tree decorations such as gift boxes and crackers. I had dreamed of baubles but alas, have you ever tried to paste together a template from a flat sheet to a decent sphere - don’t! So, this last week I have turned my hand to painting ivy and holly leaves to act as linking themes between the pictures I choose (and fortunately it is miniature gift warp because the leaves aren’t quite what I want!)
A DOG WHO'S ALWAYS WELCOME by Lorie Long ANGEL DOGS WITH A MISSION Divine Messengers in Service to All Life by Allen and Linda Anderson
I have a hand-painted head study of an Irish that I purchased from Samoyed Rescue, see page 9! They had a display at the Dogs’ Christmas Bazaar (a popular event here in Philadelphia about which I’ve written many times). You could order one in your breed even though the Samoyed was what they had displayed at their booth. It was very nice and I was happy to help support a beautiful dog breed’s rescue besides. Many rescue events have special items such as this and they are worth checking into if you have one in your area.
I find it fascinating to read about other collectors’ choices of favourites from their own libraries, and their reasons for their choices. And in the case of dog books, there is always the chance that you will read about a book you don’t have, but which sounds so interesting that you want to hunt it down yourself. I do hope other readers submit articles to editor Jan on the same subject…. and I look forward very much to reading them. These are selections made after careful thought and at times some hard decision-making, They are of specialist breed books only. The ten chosen are not themed, nor are my selections in any particular order – it is impossible to single out an absolute favourite.
A new catalogue I received just today included some fun doggy items. First was a rug of puppies in Christmas stockings. The rug is cut out around the shapes of the dogs and stockings. There are four puppies. On another page, they offered a pyjama set with a plaid Scotty on the top. Looked cozy and warm if you like pyjamas. On the same page was a Precious Moments ® figure with a little dog in a snow globe beside a child dressed in Santa attire. The dog could maybe be a Cocker Spaniel, sometimes it is hard to tell with this line but his ears look feathery. The company is How Helpful, Web site is ; The figure is “Precious Moments Holiday Cheer” number 470-72-12065
I have put up two articles from the current issue to demonstrate the possible outcome when ‘published’ online - the hard copy (printed on paper) and PDF will still (for the moment) be laid out on my computer and published as they already are. And down the track the online version such as these two sample articles will display a limited amount of text (and by default through Picasa all the article photos) to the general public and subscribers will have full access to the whole article.
A collection of things doggy and wordy
DOG-NET Jan E Irving and others!
I found this company because I had thought I would do a review on salt and pepper shakers, but honestly you need to traipse through the catalogue sites for these, or just lurk on an auction site like Ebay for the best hunting. Remmeer have a rather ordinary generic dog pair, but I noticed Dog Breeds where you can readily find things ranging from frames to cookie jars for a good number of breeds. A breed lovers ‘damn, spent all the loose change agin!’ site (and hey look, a Pug salt & pepper set!

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