Gives you the very best and most diverse review of canine and dog themed collectibles from around the world and from all eras. This is a fabulous and rich magazine with guest authors from across the globe and is going to keep you up to date with new items and affordable dog collectibles from all eras. Informative articles are richly supported by illustrations and photos. Ideal for the breed enthusiast or dedicated genre collector!

Canine Collectables Courier evolved from Jan Irving's collecting column in Top Dog Journal one of Australia's leading all breed magazines (now retired), and stepped forward to fill the void left by the demise of a number of similar magazines primarily produced in the USA.

Canine Collectables Courier was launched in May 1999.

The evolving media revolution allowed this magazine to tap into the fabulous experiences and love of beautiful things by people around the world, and to have fast delivery of the printed magazine, and of course the internet has open up more contacts and resources and allows electronic instant delivery of this top quality magazine.

We ceased paper printed publication in January 2012 (issue 44)

Originally we hosted at erinrac.com, but having server issues for a while I moved Courier to erinrac.net from issue 55

From issue 61 Courier is now hosted on a standalone server at dogfinearts.com