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Editorial January 2016

I have decided to call it day with Canine Collectables Courier ... it has been 17 years of great fun, but I just need a little more time to do the other things I want to do in my life. I have just paid for another 12 months hosting, and the other day I extended [...]

Whimsy, charm, and character – interview with artist Norton Latourelle

Art takes many forms, from the two dimensional to 3D, and let me introduce you to Norton Latourelle, what an artist! His whimsical large dogs are eye catching and retain the dog's precious soul. Born a few years after the second world war, Norton grew up in New York and Vermont and began wood carving [...]

Coopercraft Pottery Dogs

Coopercraft pottery dogs were made by the Summerbank company of Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire England and it ceased trading in 2001. Information about this company, which seems to have struggled during its latter period, is difficult to find but its existence dates back at least to 1954. Coopercraft dogs were made in a generous, and [...]

What IS That

The last What IS That column......I had to share my infamous outside dog. A friend bought this for me in Texas many years ago. She got one too. The dogs came with the Santa hat. We posted pictures of them on the Setters online lists. We lamented the fact they'd be put away after the [...]

Where have I seen that Cocker before?

Some Cocker Spaniel images that appeared first in advertising in U.S. magazines were later repeated on cards and calendar prints.  Following are ten examples.   1.  Pepto-Bismol (Life, 1946), 31-inch high cardboard display, and 1950s notecard.   2.  U.S. Steel (Good Housekeeping, Sept. 1946) and 1997 Retro Paper Moon birthday card, message inside:  “Still sleeping [...]

Dorothy L’Hommedieu

Dorothy Keasbey L'Hommedieu, born Dorothy Keasbey in May 1885, one of three daughters of Henry and Charlotte whose household in 1900 boasted three servants and three boarders as well. Finding information on even successful authors like Dorothy L'Hommedieu can be tricky if they haven't had a good bio published; internet searching is throwing up very [...]

Collector’s Attic – Bringing it all home

It seemed only fitting to me, since this is my last column for the Courier, I should update a column I wrote several years ago about the bringing home the Christmas tree items I have in my collection. Going back to where I started as it were. First, though, I want to thank our editor; [...]

Norbertine Bresslern-Roth: her art and dogs

Norbertine Bresslern-Roth (1891 – 1978), also von Bresslern-Roth, was born Norbertine Roth in Graz, Austria. She was an important and influential print maker, her beautiful and distinctive lino cuts now command very high prices, although litho reprints are also available. She depicted mainly animals in her work. But in addition she was an ivory miniaturist, [...]

Words about dogs

Listening to a radio talk back host made me realize for the first time how like the word 'wolf' is to the word 'woof' as the presenter actually heard 'wolf' rather than what the caller was saying which was 'woof'. This would be a really interesting subject, one I won't get to at this stage, [...]

Auction Watch issue 60 & later issues

Welcome back to Auction Watch. Some truly delightful finds to share with you this time, to see the images properly and some information just click here —-> I am still pondering the best way to collect and display this information for subscribers. This time I thought I would try Pinterest’s services. I will continue [...]

Some of the Best Scottish Terrier Figurines

You could fill your house with the finest of older Scottish Terrier figurines, there are so many to choose from.  This is a breed which has been very well served by designers and manufacturers.  It was once one of the most popular of all breeds, and although its popularity has severely declined in modern times [...]

Just a heap of stuff I want to share

I want to share a heap of thing with readers, and as this is my last issue, here it is -ad hoc Lovely oak glass covered display cases, great for many items, designed for lapel pins Pug - Embossed, engraved rolling pin for cookies by HousemateArtist on Etsy, other breeds too, The William [...]

Dog-Net issue 60 and more recent

The Amazing Internet World, discover great resources and online shops … I have opted to use an online service for this section, it is more graphic, and actually a bit easier to compile! As from issue 60 I will be running it as a single board to make it easier for readers to review at [...]

Ginger Snaps….little bites of new finds

First of all, I HAD to share the picture my veterinarian has on her receipts now. I do not know where she bought her supplies but I was happy to see my favorite breed of dog and a cat on it. I think Danny is her only Irish Setter client. Okay, I guess by now [...]

Some Pug Figurines to collect, most of which are affordable

The subject of Pug figurines is vast and historically fascinating.  Nick Waters’ “The Pug Heritage and Art” published by the dog art specialist publisher BB Press, is an essential acquisition for the serious Pug figurine collector. Its price of Euro 44.50 (without postage) is very reasonable for such an authoritative and beautifully illustrated volume of [...]

Canine Artist Guild closing

Kim Santini has decided to close the Canine Art Guild which was formed in March 2006. It provided a show case for buyers of canine artists, and provided artist members with art shows, a valuable forum and Facebook presence.  There was some interest in establishing a new gallery or portal to replace CAG, which would [...]

Dog Power

I cannot remember how I tumbled on dog power but I found my note to do an internet search for images of 'dog power' and so begins this article ... in fact so we can all share the images, they are now posted on Pinterest But to get you into the historical perspective you [...]

Great use of dog words for businesses

There are some really very clever folk about, and they sometimes come up with fabulous business names from ordinary everyday usage. The dog business world is no exception. Enjoy the following, and you are welcome to add your own! Laundromut - a dog wash service (Australia) House of Poochy - designer dog clothes (Durban, Africa) [...]

Doggerel A Diverse Collection of things wordy and doggy for issue 68

Doggy: First Known Use of DOGGY 1788 [see] Dog Rose: Rosa canina, commonly known as the dog-rose, is a variable climbing wild rose species native to Europe, northwest Africa and western Asia.It is a deciduous shrub normally ranging in height from 1–5 m, though sometimes it can scramble higher into the crowns of taller [...]

New Books to Look Out for issue 68

I watch for new books for the artist in myself (I love cover art), for great new content to read and learn from, and also I am a buyer for Australia's largest dog library: the Dogs Victoria Library. So now I believe I have cracked how to do this on the world's most famous booksite, [...]