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I spend some time between issues, thinking, ow, more typing coming up, then I get into each issue, and the thoughts just vanish as the new issue with all the lovely dog themed things are brought before me...I trust readers enjoy the articles as much as I do!

Gail Parker mentions her annual Christmas letter, I fail to produce these, but I really do enjoy the ones my friends send around, and actually I have been known to put them aside until after Christmas so I can enjoy them at my leisure. I have my own 'weapon' with a 12 page calendar with photos of my dogs I inflict on even my dog-loving friends. My sincere congratulations to Gail on the invitation from Dog Writers Association of America, read about this in Collector's Attic this issue.

Sharon was unable to wrangle time away from Christmas duties for her regular column this issue but has sent an excellent review on the Will Judy biography.

Deirdre has continued with her enthralling series on dogs in literature.

And I am delighted to introduce readers to two outstanding artists: Elena Zomchak and Roberto Rizzo.

I had planned to make my feature story about The Littlest Hobo, I have a soft spot for this Canadian canine TV hero but as I needed to tidy up I found a copy of Fitch's Hartland Horses and Dogs so was diverted to discovering a little more about the sixteen Hartland plastic dogs, now I can shelve my book where it was destined some years ago! The Littlest Hobo I will return to at a later date.


For some issues I have been 'battling' with the template for this website, but an option came to mind to change the theme rather than leave the magazine plugin we use. So I will run a few experiments in a month or so, after the rush of the new magazine issue reaches readers. This is just a heads up, the actual typeface, etc may change, but I think the underlying structure will remain the same for the moment. If this does not address my concerns with excessive large type on the contents page and the inability to have a author's list of articles, I may go further and find another way to present the magazine, but that won't affect readers or availability. In fact, I am highly likely too, because each time the magazine plugin is updated a function breaks, and as yet I have not seen the company actually fix what they say they will. For instance, the breaking of the picture layout in the contents part, and now, the inability to click navigate to past issues (quick solution, type, for example issue 63 into the search box, find an article from that issue, open it, and click on the issue details in the line just under the title). But I will take this quietly so readers aren't too bemused, and also in the quieter period between issues.

Article Updates

  • I have added a note from Sharon Damkaer for one of the items in my article My extra collection in the last issue
  • I have added the Morgan Dennis illustrated book to Fire Dog Books

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