Rock Solid: Interview with artist Roberto Rizzo

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Awesome, meet this fabulous artist, let me let him introduce himself: "My name's Roberto Rizzo and I'm an italian artist.

"I'm best known for my rock painting art: I choose stones with a particular shape from rivers and beaches and transform them in animals and other subjects. I first met the magic of rock painting in 1996. I was working as illustrator for various publishing houses, and I painted mainly in watercolours. Rock painting art made me discover and explore acrylic’s potential. Currently it’s my favourite technique even when painting on canvas. I love rock painting for its ability to mix the old and the new (it’s no accident that this fascinating technique was born in very ancient times!). Nowadays you can dress stones with very versatile new paints, which guarantee good resilience over time. In the past few years I created thousands of creatures all shapes and sizes. I don’t paint only animals, but they are by far my favourite subjects, because painting them literally helps me bring inanimate mineral matter to life. All my artworks are unique, and the rocks I use are not processed at all. I always honour every hole or imperfection Nature has carried out over the decades; moreover, I try to exploit it through drawing with nuances and light and shade effects.
"I always loved the vast array of shapes and objects Mother Nature gives us
. This variety represents my main source of inspiration while I’m painting.Courier_1501_RobertoRizzo_finn
"Animals especially have fascinated me since I was just a child. I firmly believe artists, in their expressive and emotional journey, are bound to get back to their childish feelings and passions, because art - apart from meaning discipline - is first of all love and amusement."

Roberto is an amazing artist, on flat surfaces and the much more challenging curves and dimples found in rocks, I am delighted to present him to readers. As he has said already, he has completed a vast number of projects, so I asked him where we could examine and enjoy his past work, "I show part of my work on my official website:
"Navigating inside the galleries it's possible to see original artworks, pet rock portraits, 3-D paintings and much more. Within the website there's also a blog where I promote day after day all my new creations. The site is in Italian but very soon there will be an English version too. People from other countries can already write me in their language by the contact form page and I will soon send an answer in English.
I also use to promote my artwork Facebook (, Etsy ( and Pinterest ("


As dog lovers, we need to know some of Robert's inspiration for his gorgeous dog paintings, and if dogs steal his time over other subjects; "I love painting animals in general, not only dogs. However, they are among my favourite subjects: I'm always enchanted by the sweetness of their eyes and the humanity of their expressions.
I don't have a preference for a particular breed, in past years I painted Chihuahuas, German Shepherds, Cockers, Boxers, Labradors, and many mestizos (cross breeds and other non-pure-breed dogs). Moreover the beauty of my job is to discover, while I'm painting them, how dogs of the same breed can be different from each other, exactly as we humans are." Dogs capture Roberto's time and he dedicates to finishing each project to an extraordinary level, "Because I love my work and I always guarantee the highest quality of any fine detail", which makes his rock paintings just jump across the internet gulf!

Great artists are inspired by many things, their environment, their clients, and other artists, Roberto says "Among the artists I most admire I can quote a Wildlife Artist Master like Robert Bateman and an Italian artist not very well known but simply sensational: Massimo Rao.

Roberto recommends the Italian dog magazine 'Quattrozampe'. And, yes, of course he collects things, "I'm a collector of aphorisms."

So now, to the gritty end, how can readers add a 'Rizzo' to their collection, "Of course, I do commissions, I get requests from customers all over the world for canvas paintings and rock portraits.

"Each artwork is signed, protect with a transparent final varnish, complete with signature and Certificate of Authenticity. I accept payment via Paypal. I regularly ship everywhere in the world; and I guarantee maximum accuracy and reliability.
"I usually produce the custom pet portraits on rock or canvas from photos.
"I need to receive one or more pictures of the dog (at this email address:, where it's possible to see him in light and preferably with no blurring.
"My portraits on commission have different prices, it depends on the dimensions.
y prices range from US$100 to $700, plus shipping."

For those who like Roberto's work, he has a dedicated mailing list, "You can subscribe easily on my website's home page: "

I'll ask Roberto to finish this interview with one of his favourite quotes :
"Art is a jealous mistress" Ralph Waldo Emerson

Roberto Rizzo
- Website:
- Facebook:
- Twitter:
- Pinterest:
- Etsy:

Below is a sample of Roberto's work on rocks and canvas including one in progress.

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