Love and Soul: Interview with artist Elena Zomchak

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It is with absolute delight that I introduce readers to Spanish artist Elena Zomchak who works with 3D soft sculptures, a superb Teddy Bear artist who has completed some lovely dog figurines too. Meet... "My name is Elena Zomchak, I live in the South of Spain. Handmade By RusaLena is my brand name. I am a Teddy Bear Artist. I create the design and sew by hand collectible teddy bears and friends, most of them are dogs. Charming English and French Bulldogs.


"As a child I lived with, for 15 years, a Bolognese type of dog. A few years ago I had a dogs of the Rottweiler breed.

"I love dogs and would like someday to have a medium-sized or small breed dog. And the more I sew French Bulldogs, look at their photos, or when I see them on the street, than I think I can share my home with a French Bulldog. haha! I'm kidding, until now my family and I have not chosen to keep a pet, because I know what a responsibility it is, and I am very much attached to them. The choice should be taken carefully."

What is the great attraction of the French Bulldog in your work, I understand they are the most fabulous characters to live with, but what drives you design them so often? "I did Teddy dog breeds: Dachshund, Pug, Spaniel, and purebred, and more English and French Bulldogs. To create a Bulldog really takes a lot of time. I sew them by teddy bears technology with a weighted fill, and their legs and head are articulated joints. Also I use a wire frame in their ears to allow different position of the ears. And my Bulldogs have four funny teeth and the mouth can open and close. Of course, it is more difficult job than sewing a regular teddy. But my Bulldogs are so adorable that you can not stop. Each of them comes with its own character and expression of small faces. They are alive. Toys are a surprisingly positive art. One look at their photos even improves your mood. Keeping them in your hands is continuous fun. When I sew them, I always smile a lot and imagine how they give a smile in new homes. I cannot resist making them. In addition, the real collectors of unique handmade teddy, appreciate my Bulldogs. and I do make my living. This is my main job."


As is obvious, there have been several great births of Elena's lovely dogs, and she explains where we can see them, "On my blog you can see my work in chronological order. There are photos of my dogs and bears in albums on Pinterest. I have an account on Facebook and Instagram. Someday I'll be ready to release a book. These kids (French and English Bulldogs) are so original that they could be cartoon characters, or stories and books in their own right. In my blog I started to show the stories about them as the heroes of the history of the dynasty: "Dog´s Saga" (It's stems from "The Forsyte Saga" and some other films about dynasties) But my blog and these stories are in Russian. It is a pity that you can not read it and smile.

"Also, I have plans to create cards, calendars, etc. with them in watercolors and oil.

"For the moment, check out the links here:


Where can you buy Elena's work, "You can buy my work on these market places

or write to my email

"The Teddy dogs with opening mouth and teeth and interesting design cost from US$250 to $370, because they are unique and distinctive characters. Many of my teddy bears are cheaper."

Elena designs her own products, but says, "I am open to interesting proposals

"Basically, I offer ready finished works. But sometimes agree to orders. Some of my Bulldogs are available in my Etsy shop to order. But I always warn you that it is impossible to exactly replicate the original. All Teddy puppies are distinguished by their personality. And so is all of my work OOAK- One of a Kind."
An artist has many hidden talents and treasures hidden behind their glorious artworks, I asked Elena about her favourite books, "There are many remarkable works on dogs. For example, I like books 'Jerry of the Islands', 'The Dog Who Spoke with Gods' ", and if she collected anything, "I collect teddy bears and their friends from other artists, as well as books on various kinds of needlework and crafts, as there are other kinds of handmade art that appeal to me."

Dogs are an integral part of many societies Elena thinks that dog owning in modern society is important, she continues, "My youngest son is a special child, who suffered a serious illness. He is afraid of dogs. That is why my Spanish husband and I want to have a dog at home, but it is a great responsibility we will undertake with care. We hope that our son will love it and stop being afraid of dogs. Dogs are very important in many areas of our lives.  Dogs do not want to say banal things, but the dog can give something that cannot always be found even in human relationships. When I was in Seattle in a group with the program 'Inclusive education of children with disabilities', I was surprised that guide dogs free to give assistance to visually impaired people.
"I think that  should be more special places and communities where special child could get to know dogs, play with the puppies and have dog therapy.
"I'm sure that dogs have souls. And my husband said, that my teddy dogs have lots of love and soul too."




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