Laughing at the Easel: Interview with artist Sandra Severson

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sandaradachies.jpgMy paint media artist interview this issue is with the exceptionally skillful Sandra Severson who I recently discovered, I don't know why I haven't found her before but I am delighted to share some moments of Sandra's time with readers. So let's get started: "I have a website,, that will give your readers access to many of my favourite portraits, and a sampling of some non-commissioned work that has been made into prints. I also have a web store for reasonably priced prints, posters and gift certificates at New work is regularly posted in circulation, along with upcoming shows and invitations, through my e-mail list (sign up through my website) and Facebook page, Sandra Severson Fine Art. Like me! zero to sixty pm.jpg

You can learn so much about a person in a short time if you can see what they read, so I delved into this realm with Sandra, "My daughter gave me 'Underwater Dogs' for Christmas last year. It still makes me laugh. I have to admit, I often chuckle at the easel…I feel like these sweeties are with me. Makes for a fun workday!" which lead me to wonder how many animals Sandra has, "I love my rescues, and believe in doing what I can to relieve some of the suffering in the world. I have two dogs, a cat and three mice (rescued from the cat) who now get fat on avocado and cashews in fancy habitrails.  I have numerous 'grandchildren' with hooves and paws, including three mini horses, who live next door on our family farm. We all have very good, loving and often funny lives together."
Zzzzzz.jpgSandra has some lovely samples on display and I asked her about her favourite dog breed to portray, "I have a huge heart response to animals in general, and dogs and horses in particular. I love them all, and do find I’m particularly drawn not to a special breed, but to special dogs. I don’t care what the pedigree is, but WHO is looking out from those eyes!" Jed portrait pm.jpgSandra undertakes commissions as well as her own choice of works.  "Non-commissioned oils usually sell for something between $195 and $3,500. "Portraits start at $395 for an 8”x8” oil. I charge 50% extra for each additional subject. Larger portraits often sell for a range of $1,200 to $8,000. I like to paint in all sizes so that everyone can have something that they like. " Yes to commissions, and yes, I work from photos. It’s the best way to capture those sweet, fleeting expressions! I’m happy to work with out-of-state or deceased animals, and find that I’m still able to capture their personality and 'soul'." Gershwin and Lively CC.jpgShe also has several limited prints available starting from US$25 for 8 x 10 inches. Obviously I need to confirm how folk can buy from Sandra, "I sell in all of the ways I described above, and through invitational art shows in my area, Chester County, PA. Historic Yellow Springs, Malvern Retreat House and the Devon Horse Show are some. I also have my own shop at the Sugarloaf Crafts Festival in early November each year. It’s a great way to meet people and swap animal stories!" Let's hope Sandra finds time to capture the charms of many, many more dogs and animals!

Thor and Gunner portrait pm.jpg

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