Unchained: Interview with artist Nirit Levav

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The dogs created by Nirit Levav are astounding, eye catching, in fact almost unbelievable. She works with bicycle chain and parts to create life size sculpture.

Born in in 1963, in Tel Aviv, Israel, Nirit is also a fashion designer, jewellery maker and potter. Her mother was an arts teacher, and her father taught Nirit to weld.

Nirit began her art career in in 1988, but the dogs only became part of her portfolio in 2011 after visiting a bicycle shop with her son where the bike parts sparked her imagination. As Nirit says, “I let my imagination flow, and something comes out”. Mooky the Rottweiler, was first,  then Princess the Afghan Hound, closely followed by Lola a mutt, Sit a Dachshund, and Choo Choo a Yorkshire Terrier. Nirit only uses one source material for her dogs, discarded bike parts. Her work is described as big and bold, yet the sculptures capture the essence of the breed and the charm and sometimes whimsy of the individual. While working on Mooky, Nirit had the inspiration to create the Afghan with flowing, free hanging hair, while doing Princess, she was then itching to do a dog with white hair, “Each dog leads me to the next”


Nirit and her family currently have Kassy, who is very much loved and part of the family. Nirit thinks that most of us are touched to our dogs like they are our own child. "We take care of them, love them." There are so many people that send or bring her photos of their dogs because they are sure they are the most beautiful creature in the world ... she finds it charming.

Sit evolved from a wish to use more than just chains, and incorporates a seat and pedals as well as the bike chain.

Paris, named after Paris Hilton the socialite, is composed entirely of chains and is 68 x 26 x 45 cm (27 x 10 x18in)

Princess, the second born, stands 157 x 57 x 123cm (63 x 23 x 49 in) is also a 100% bike chain creation.

Billy, again only bicycle chains, is a Siberian Husky at rest, with powerfully soulful eyes; the sculpture was inspired by Nirit's childhood companion.

All dogs are handmade to order and available for shipping within 90 days of purchase. Prices range from US$900 to $6500. For more information see http://www.niritlevav.com/how-to-buy.html

Nirit Dogs kept indoors do not require any further treatment, those kept outside under cover should be varnished every few years, while those outdoors without a covering roof should be re-varnished every year.

For a gallery of Nirit's dog sculptures see http://www.niritlevav.com/dogs.html

For information on contacting Nirit see http://www.niritlevav.com/contact-us.html

For developing pieces also checkout Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Nirit.Levav.Art

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