Great use of dog words for businesses

Friday, December 11, 2015 by

There are some really very clever folk about, and they sometimes come up with fabulous business names from ordinary everyday usage. The dog business world is no exception. Enjoy the following, and you are welcome to add your own!

  • Laundromut - a dog wash service (Australia)
  • House of Poochy - designer dog clothes (Durban, Africa)
  • Sit Happens - training (Australia)
  • Barking Bubbles - dog wash service (Australia)
  • DogGoneSpecial - pet services (USA)
  • Dear Paw - business naming competition
  • FURtual Fun - business naming competition
  • Fur Laughs - business naming competition
  • Puppy Hikers - business naming competition
  • Doggie Feats - business naming competition
  • Barkademy - pet services (UK)
  • Think Pawsitive - trainers (USA)
  • Hair Apparent - groomers (USA)
  • Out on a Leash - trainers/walkers (USA)
  • Tailblazers - groomers (USA)
  • Happy Paws - dog walkers (Australia)

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