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I have a LOT to share with you this issue. There are so many cute dog-themed statues available this year that I am almost tempted to start collecting other breeds!
Google LeMax and you will find a lot of new scenes with dogs and other animals . I plan a shopping trip to two stores that carry many of their nice figurines but checking the online sites always turns up ones I don't see in the stores so it is worthwhile visiting these sites first.

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I did find two new figures in WalMart, the one with the puppy is called "Holiday Time" and it has a puppy with a water pump and cardinal. The puppy seems to be inviting the cardinal to play. A double collectible because I love cardinals too! The other is called "Walking the Dogs". It depicts two  men walking two dogs who could be Irish Setters. The leashes are made of cloth. I don't know why but I like it when a statue incorporates real cloth in the design-a leash, a bow, mirror etc. Just makes it seem more special to me I guess. Pictures of these two figures are included with this article.

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Another nice find was a Christmas box with Setter puppies in it. This figure is from Collections Etc.( and very nice. The size is perfect for display under the tree with the "real"gifts. Picture also shown here.
This same company has several other dog statues. There are two adorable sleeping puppies. One is a Pug and the other is a Bulldog. They have a Santa hat and antlers on respectively. I was soooo tempted to order them for myself! (even though I don't collect either breed). The lights on their hat and antlers light up too (batteries not included). You get BOTH dogs for $14.99 item number 153-64-96705.
The puppies in the gift box figurine is item number 153-64-26361 . It was also $14.99 -I forgot to mention it is a music box-plays Deck the Halls. So it is what I like to call a "double collectible" - one for the dog breed and one for those who collect music boxes.
There is a set of puppy ornaments 153-37-26804 it sells for $14.99 and includes a Cocker, Yorkie, Beagle, Lab, Norfolk (maybe) and what could be intended to be a Schnauzer. Cute set for decorating the tree.
There is a lighted Santa statue that has a Christmas scene in the bottom of the figure. I think Santa is supposed to be standing behind the scene. Giant Santa if that is the case. There is a cute dog in the scene with two people . He could be a Golden Retriever puppy.
Vermont Country Store has mother and daughter pajamas and nightgowns with puppies all over them. They look like Havanese to me but could be Maltese (small picture). These are a bit too warm for me as they are flannel but the gowns look nicely designed. Puppy-love is the name of the set and prices run from $39.95 for  the child's size to $64.95 for the adult. is the site.
Current ( has a little black and white Cocker planter. The dog is sitting in a begging pose with a bone in his mouth. He is beside a basket that will hold a plant. I like it that the planter is a normal planter and the dog has not been made into one. $4.79 on sale item 610896 in their sale catalog.


There are several greeting cards (boxes) available in various breeds this year. I saw some at Walmart recently. Check out the individual card displays too. I found a lovely one. I usually do not care for cards that have humans in the scene. I prefer my dogs and cats to be shown with flowers or a pretty background instead. However, after going back to look at this card three times, I knew I had to buy it. It shows a cute Setter with some kids building a snowman. There is a picture inside the card of the scene from a slightly different view too.
I hope I have helped you find your Christmas gifts or, if you are reading this after the holidays, spend your money you received on presents for yourself.
Happy shopping!


Pictures are: Figures from Walmart, music gift box of puppies, and inside and front view of card


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