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We have a lovely range of great and informative articles covering a plethora of information thanks to the dedicated team of contributors willing to share their vast collections and extensive knowledge! Salutes to Sharon, Deidre, Gail, and Ginger! And what exciting artists are those I have interviewed this time: Sandra Severson and Silvia Villar.

At the excellent suggestion and prompting from two of our regular writers, I have added the copy deadlines to the website - the right hand column. I do normally include these in your new issue announcement also.

Also, I FOUND the picture I wanted to share of the board game Top Dog and have added it to the article from last issue, but here it is too

img592.jpgAlso Gail found this picture, "I found a picture of the Uncle Remus Brer Wolf stuffy I mentioned in my article! Too late for the issue but I thought you might get a kick out of seeing it. This was my 4th birthday (cake on table) and, as you can see, I was animals not dolls even then. That's Petey the canary in the cage."

I had no trouble finding the ten items for Auction Watch this issue, often I do, so auctions do tend to be seasonal, and dictated by the northern hemisphere, well, where I snoop anyway. Again, as it was last issue, it has been hard to find exciting new book titles to share ... there have been PLENTY of new release but mainly the new fad of colouring designs and books, I only chose one to share. The other hot topic is war dogs, again I have only chosen one to share this issue. Apparently, from the number of new releases, third most popular topic is cooking for your dog.

You'll notice many of the images for this issue have a 'watermark' reading Canine Collectables Courier ... what do you think? I have recently started cataloging my photos with Adobe Lightroom, which makes it easy to upload to Flickr, where I have the current issues' photos hosted (for the technical reason if I change host for the magazine it is a quicker migration); however, I popped up the interview pictures and for some reason they were watermarked Jan Irving, I couldn't find that in my settings, so re-uploaded the pictures with the new Courier watermark - then - grrrrrrrh - I had to re-embed the photos in all the articles I had done (thanks Flickr, this Lightroom reupload was meant to be a replace, not remove and put a new image in and so changing the link info!) Leads me to the second point: Flickr, if you, as a non-member (I think it works this way) scroll through an album they will throw adverts at you over the image ... I don't see this myself, hence I think it is non-members and possibly not your own photos ... if they do this at any stage for photos embedded (set into) the articles let me know, and I will try to source a better hosting system. I see Flickr now have a small banner and file info that shows if you have your cursor near the embedded photo, you can click through and see the hosted image. Free isn't free, which is fine, but I wish mega-sized companies wouldn't just change things and perhaps put some useful information online so you can make an informed choice.

So my next gripe! WordPress, the underlying structure behind this website currently, stop re-arranging my layout tables ... wastes loads of my time, and Firefox you can stop realigning the photos too - the photos are meant to be centered, sorry if your browser doesn't display them that way.


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