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I have decided to call it day with Canine Collectables Courier ... it has been 17 years of great fun, but I just need a little more time to do the other things I want to do in my life. I have just paid for another 12 months hosting, and the other day I extended the access time for all current subscribers ... so enjoy the extra time (no charge) and collect any info you want to keep ... at this stage after 31st December 2016 the site and information will go.

I will probably back it up somewhere else, could even consider putting some of the stories into book form and publishing but I have a backlog of books to get done so don't hold your breathe! I may even be able to convert the archives to free open access on somewhere like wordpress.com ... but my only promise on this idea is that is the destination for the artist interviews but the 'url' will change yet Google should find the stories anyway ... while I have your contact details I will keep you up to date with any migration.

This issue, I think I have found all the contributed articles and completed all my proposed ideas, so there is quite a collection, although no ephemera listings, and you'll love meeting our feature artist too!

So many people have stood shoulder to shoulder with me on this 'little' project, quite a few have already decided to devote more of their time to other interests ... a review of our authors will demonstrate the great names that have been involved and the very dedicated who have contributed so much over such a long time frame, but in particular I need to thank (again!) my angels Gail, Deirdre, and Sharon for staying even for this last issue ... there would have been no Canine Collectables Courier without this talented, informed, and dedicated trio!

Bon Voyage to us all ... collecting won't leave our blood (sorry purses, wallets, bank account balances!) and I am sure we'll stay in touch!

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  1. Sharon Damkaer

    Nice of you to make our articles available free to us one more year. I will miss your magazine, but I am grateful for the 17 years you provided us with this informative and enjoyable publication. I am happy I was able to purchase all the earlier issues that preceded my first contribution in 2001. I not only collect dog memorabilia, but I also collect articles on this fascinating hobby. Your magazine has been a jewel in my collection. Happy New Year!

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