Editorial Canine Collectables Courier April 2015

Sunday, March 15, 2015 by

Another exciting line up of stories from our lovely and devoted contributors; dog medals, collector's spouses, two lovely artist interviews, and a look at another of the great literature inspired dog characters; thank you writers!

I (as forecast) changed the template/theme for Courier, and I really like it, hope you do too; but I had notice from Google that it isn't 'mobile' friendly, not ideal, so I will see if I can find a template that is, sometime in the future. But I have to say I really like the current one, and so far, my template supplier doesn't have anything to match in the mobile friendly category.

I'll wrap up now, so you can tuck into this issue. Except to say, boy, was I spoilt for choice for the cover picture! In the end, I succumbed to Lee Ann Shepard's Australian Cattle Dog.


By the way, copy deadline for the
July 2015 issue is June 15th,
just in case you want to share a story with our readers 😀


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