Dogs are just like us: Interview with artist Silvia Villar

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The charm, whimsy and sheer spunk of Silvia's creations stole my heart.

I quizzed Silvia about here subjects, if they were dogs only, or otherwise "Not really. I'm an animal lover, so I always tend to make animals, specially pets.

"We build amazing relationships with our pets to the point we can describe their personality and behaviour so deeply that we can create very solid characters.
"Every animal artwork I've made has its own story behind, and I try to show that small details that make our love ones unique."
Of dogs, which breed captures Silvia's time the most,  "I don't have a favourite one, every breed has its own personality, and that's what I'm looking for.
"What really focuses my attention while sculpting is that cartoon style, big headed and funny looking ones!
"I'm coming from an animation background so I think it is what makes me look for that special character, personality and poses to make my sculptures come alive."


I asked Silvia if she owned any dogs and if she too collected dog themed things, "I wish! At the moment my life style doesn't match with the proper care and love that a dog deserves. Unfortunately I travel a lot and spend long hours out.
"Yes, I could say I collect dog themed things. I started collecting toys long ago, I have a toy hunter/ collector boyfriend and I love animation so dog characters that feature in an animation production are around the house! from Pluto, Gromit, Snoopy to a big Hanna & Barbera collection; Scooby-Doo, Huckleberry Hound and many more." And in books, what steals your heart,

"'Happiness is a warm puppy'  by Charles M. Schulz. 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' was the first comic I ever read! All Snoopy and Carlitos adventures are my favourites! Addictive as a child and as a grown up I am amazed with the illustration and stories. A must!" Naturally then I wondered how Silvia saw the dog in the modern world, "Well, I love the diversity!


"It's amazing how a new wonderful species has evolved from the wild wolf and all the different breeds have emerged.
"Dogs are just like us, with a wide range of personalities that match our own and our lifestyles and even represent us."
2014-02-03 22.56.37-1.jpg

Having dug into some background, we returned to chatting about Silvia's artwork, "At the moment all pieces I've made are one off sculptures.

"I'm currently working in a small toy production in collaboration with a London based artist and following the knowledge gained with the moulding and casting process I'm considering future limited editions. So keep update! coming soon ... (smile!)

"I'm always open to commissions, however the waiting time will depend on size, complexity as well as the number of projects I'm working on at the time.

"So if you are interested drop me and email with the following info
  • Do you have a design in mind?  Including pose, size, detail level, props.
  • Provide with the character description, personality of the pet.
  • As many images as possible. specially front, both sides, top and back.
  • Name and email
And I'll keep in touch!"

2014-04-01 16.32.31.jpgSo the best way for folk to contact Silvia is "The easiest and quickest way to keep in touch is by email at, so drop me an email if you have any question or you just want to say hello!

"Follow me in Instagram as silkey__  to keep updates to my works in progress.

 "And keep an eye at my SilkeySculpts Etsy shop where you can take advantage of the special sales and promo products.

"I'm trying to improve my social media skills and I'm just staring a Facebook page and a Tumbler blog."

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