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A Clumber friend introduced me to the dazzling talents of Cazzie, in fact, on first look, I had not realized her work was digital, it was the striking poses and clean execution that caught my eye. So let me introduce you also to a new age artist!

"I have always loved drawing but about five years ago I discovered digital painting. I am a self taught digital painter and it has become quite an addiction.
"I wanted something as a tribute to my grey Newfoundland puppy that I had lost at 7 months of age and I came across some digital paintings. So I thought I give it a try and love it. I now use a program called Corel Painter and a Wacom tablet.

"Digital painting is the same as normal painting without the mess and expense of having to buy all the different paints and brushes. I have at hand thousands of different colors and brushes.
"My paintings are done the same as normal paintings brush stroke after brush stroke. My screen is my canvas and my tablet/pen my brush.

"I prefer plain backgrounds so my subject stands out. As I mainly do animal portraits, dogs being my specialty. But if my client wants a preferred background or colour that's fine too.

"Boston Terriers are my heart breed. I love their beautiful eyes and expression. That is why they are my favourite breed and you will find me painting many of them." So it follows, "My favourite dog book or magazine is the magazine Boston Quarterly."

Prices for Cazzie's work are often in the $120 to $160 (AUD) bracket, meaning many of us will be able to add to our own collections. And she willingly undertakes commissions. "Yes!! This is what I mainly do. Yes I work from photos, which makes it so easy to work with overseas clients!
"Yes I do a lot of overseas pets, I send to any where in the world
"My commissioned works start at $120 up to $160 AUD for a one pet painting, extra for additional pets."
Commissions are unique, but she offers many pieces in various formats on Redbubble and Zazzle, where they are available on cups, t-shirts, mousepads etc.
"My works are all catalogued in my gallery on my own website.
"Its best to have the commissioned portraits framed as soon as you get them as they are printed on watercolour paper."

I asked Cazzie about one or two of her favourite pieces and how they came about. "Oh now this is a hard question. I guess my first piece I ever did of my Stormy (Newfoundland) and a painting I did of my gorgeous Boston Terrier Jack peeking over the top of a table. I have won a few awards for Jack's Painting."

So, how does Cazzie cope with a day? "I guess I'm really lucky as I get to work from home which is doing my commissioned works. I like to start the day off with taking the kids (dogs) out for their walks and anything else I need to get done then I spend the rest of the day doing my painting."

And just to wrap up, a couple of other questions, "Yes, dogs are my main focus! They are my passion.
"I collect anything Boston Terrier, and ... unicorns, hehe"

Obviously a lot of Cazzie's zest of life and sparkle is instilled into her artwork, and we are lucky that we can collect commissions or mementos such as mousepads of her craft.



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