An inevitable outcome: Interview with artist Jenny Pitney

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Dogs have a freshness and breeziness of spirit, and so do the portraits of commission artist Jenny Pitney of Western Australia. She achieves this quintessential character with watercolours and clean finishes which I am sure delight her patrons.

Jenny says, "As a painter and designer, the tools of my trade sketch book, paints and brushes are always to hand along with a dog or four lying around our home. The outcome was inevitable. My fine detailed watercolour paintings capture the qualities and personality of each individual, be it a cheeky terrier, a doleful Labrador or lugubrious hound. I hope you enjoy looking at my website and meeting some of my friends and family. Who knows, one day someone you know may appear here too.

"A snap of your best pal can be turned into something special with a watercolour portrait. Available in different sizes, these paintings make ideal gifts to a loved one. Painted from a photograph which need be no bigger than 6" x 3" I guarantee your satisfaction. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the portrait you can return the portrait and I will refund your money in full." and her prices range from AUD$200 to AUD$1000-.

The dog's role in the modern world is of importance and a responsibility for us all, "Being born and bred in the UK, dogs were always around, we were allowed to take our dogs on holiday to hotels, and what British pub does not have a dog or two sitting with it's owner at the bar or in front of the fire. It is important for children to appreciate and respect our canine companions, often they are the ones to listen to our little problems and they never judge us."

"I have no favourite breed of dog, we rescued dogs before and after emigrating to Australia from the UK, large, small, purebred and bits of this and bits of that. You cannot breed love, loyalty and character. Each dog has been an individual although a certain rescued Border Terrier held our hearts in her paw for 14 years and still does.

"At present we do not own a dog, but happily look after friends dogs while they holiday, aunty and uncle to several.

"My favourite dog books are written and produced by my husband Doug. There are two books, one of Bed and Breakfasts in New Zealand that have dogs to greet and meet. The other book is of English Bed and Breakfasts where dogs are very prominent. Look up Dogs in Residence by Doug Pitney or contact


I wanted to know a little more about Jenny's art, "Since I only paint to commission my work is mainly animal art.

"All my work is unique. I do not supply Limited Editions as each one is a commission."

As always, a picture is worth one thousand words.

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